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Help file - is it current and complete?

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I can't help notice that there are still references to a certain owl-based company at the beginning of the help file. I'm assuming that a redesign is in the works but...that we can still expect to have complete and updated contents regarding all of the functions and parameters...? Online reference is fine, but I like everything to be 'in the box.'

Thanks in advance! Great product at an incredible price!

Have no idea why you would think that the presents of the old logo in the help file means that the help file text is somehow out-of-date.  The current Consolidated WIL Help file is just that - current.  It is also "complete".

Well, I meant no offense. It may be hard for you to believe, but I have dealt with software for which updates would be rolled out, while the help file information lagged behind and was updated later. The users were referred to online material "to be sure they had the latest information."

Thanks for all the great work.

WinBatch help files are and always have been current for each release and we were not going to release a new version just to change logos.   We have no legal obligation to do so and we don't employ marketing weasels.

Ok. Cool. Rock on.
You make it difficult to be enthusiastic when I feel like you are fighting with me though I've paid you for your product. I asked a question, gave equivocation for your response and still feel like I'm defending myself for having asked a question. Is there some problem that I should be aware of that should keep me from endorsing your product far and wide as I have been?

Because I have been.


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