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Version  44041 Feb 06, 2018
       Modified cWinidConvert function to no longer error when the
       window associated with the supplied handle or id does not exist. 

This is a minor update to correct a long-standing problem for some users.

Please remember that you need a current license to install this version of the extender.
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Ya know, I observed several years ago that there was no reason for cWinIdConvert() to do anything with the underlying windows in order to convert the input.  I.e., that it was simply textual - converting a number to a Hex string or vice versa is a simple textual operation having nothing to do with what the number or Hex string might represent.

I never understood why the Extender did it the conversion in a way that depended on the handle being valid.  As a result, I would often use my own convert UDF that, of course, didn't have this dependency.

It sounds like the Extender has finally been changed in the way in which I have long been arguing for.  Well done.