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Anyone seen my Coffee Cup?


Geesh, a person disappears for a few years and the whole place changes...
Nothing is where I left it. <GRIN>
To say I was surprised to see the retirement news is an understatement. Here's hoping warm sandy beaches are the destination.
It seems only like last month I was getting my feet wet managing (50) CAD stations on 3.11 using v96(x) - maybe.
What version was WinBatch in the mid '90s?

Anyway, Retirement question: Is there a chance the website and the boards will remain up after June?
I have some friends I'm trying to help out with their 'kludgie' inventory/accounting program. More on that in another post.


This ground has already been covered.   Review the following topic and you will know as much as any other WinBatch user:

Sorry Tony. That thread didn't show up in my searches last night.
Spent the night looking for my old Forum credentials only to find out the boards had changed.
Rebooted this morning, registered an account, but didn't make another attempt at searching.
It's been a bit busy busy today.

Go ahead and delete this...


I know you are not the first to miss that topic so we would kinda like to leave it as a light house for others, if you don't mind.


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