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.wbt compilation service?


I am a very minor user of Winbatch. I have created a small .wbt program and would like to have it compiled. It has been tested and debugged as a .wbt. I own the Winbatch interpreter, but not the compiler.

I don't do this very often (I've only written 4 .wbt programs in my life), so it's not worthwhile for me to spend the money to buy the compiler.

Is there anyone out there who could compile this one .wbt for me, perhaps for a fee?

Thank you

Such an activity could be construed as a violation of the licensing agreement.

Hmmm. Are you sure? As a lawyer, I certainly wouldn't want anyone to violate their license agreement. So as a lawyer, I went back to look at the (mercifully brief) license agreement. It's the one at, right?

Unless I'm just missing it, I don't see anything in there that prohibits a compiler owner from running the compiler, on their own computer, to compile someone else's .wbt script. Am I just missing it?

Do other vendors of code compilers prohibit their licensees from compiling someone else's program? It seems unlikely, to me at least.


If you reread the post carefully and you are a lawyer, you should be able to answer your own first question.  I defer to the corporate legal council with regard to the rest.


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