Author Topic: moving winbatch scripts from window 2003 server to window 2012 r2 server  (Read 922 times)


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line 127 on script error  below begin=ibegin(0,"", "")

     BeginHandle=iBegin(0, "", "")
     MFHandle=iHostConnect(BeginHandle, MFHostname, @FTP, MFUser, MFPW)

     If MFHandle == 0
          FileWrite(LogHandle, "***** ERROR! Failed to Connect to CHP Mainframe - Aborting Job - %CurrentDateTime% *****")
          GoTo FinishJobWithError


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The AddExtender function will generate a 1394 error, if a you do not have the extender installed - or 1437 if you are loading an extender with the wrong bitness.  So either the AddExtender call to load the WinInet extender is not getting called or it is wrapped in an error handler so that it doesn't get a chance to display an error.
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thanks for help i will check these things