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I think I must have missed is telling me my license expired back in June 2017...I thought the license model moved to where you were going to charge for major updates rather than an annual plan.   Are things still working the same as before?   I just assumed things would work and you would us know when we needed to pay more, as previously occurred, but apparently I am mistaken or have missed something.  What do I need to do to solve this problem?  Thanks.


All maintenance plan licenses purchased from Wilson WindowWare expired on June 30th, 2017 when Wilson Windoware ceased operation.  If you renewed your maintenance plan between June 1st, 2016 and June 30th, 2017 the cost of the plan was prorated to compensate for the shorter time interval.  Since you purchased a license from Wilson WindowWare, it has expired and will not work for WinBatch+Compiler downloads. 

Note that Island Lake Consulting LLC has been providing downloads to a few WindowWare customers that have an expired license and have lost their installation media for one reason or another.  This service is provided on a per-case basis and does require proof of a valid license for the specific version of WinBatch+Compiler.

Island Lake Consulting LLC does not offer maintenance plans.  Instead, a license purchased from ILC LLC entitles the buyer to one year of free downloads and a free copy of WebBatch for US$69.00.  The main difference between this and WindowWare maintenance plans other than the initial price is that the price does not go up if you choose not to purchase a new license before the old one expires or is past its grace period.


Thanks.   That helps.   Sorry if I missed that somewhere along the way. 

Just to clarify...WinBatch+Compiler is now the only option?   You are no longer offering WinBatch as a separate product?    I always maintained just a WinBatch license previously for when I did remote jobs so I could install it for the job and then uninstall.  Not seeing that as an option now so wanted to ask.


WinBatch is only offered as a 21-day trial.

Hi TD,

I have a few questions about usage and licensing.

I started using WinBatch+Compiler back in the 90's and was a pretty heavy user until the early 00's. Even so, I maintained my annual subscription until around 2008. At that time I hadn't been using it much and let my subscription expire because it wasn't cost effective. I went back to renew a few years later to get the new version and extenders (thinking I'd just have to pay the annual fee) only to find out that it was an outrageous amount because they wanted me to "catch up" on my inactive years. Needless to say, I didn't renew.

The WinBatch+Compiler version I've been using since then is 2009B. I've thought about upgrading a few times in the intervening years but I knew based on prior experience it would be cost prohibitive. I use it once (maybe twice) a year and so far it's served its purpose in both Win7 and Win10 environments, which are the only ones I work in.

* Are there significant benefits to upgrading to 2018A?
* Are the extenders more robust? I mainly use the ShellOps, IPGrabber, HugeMath, and Reggie extenders. **
* Most importantly... Will I be able to use 2018A until I decide to upgrade without it "expiring" after a year?Thanks for your reply!

** One of the primary walls I've hit with 2009B is the 65,535 limit of aStatusBar. My "While" statements are exceeding that and makes the progress bar wonky. Does the 2018A version expand that limit, or is there a new progress indicator that overcomes this? I know I can do this mathematically but I'd prefer if it could be performed natively.


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