64bit compiler Licensing Error for wwint since downloading 2014B

Started by jat6923, December 09, 2014, 08:01:13 AM

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Recently downloaded and upgraded to Winbatch+Compiler 2014B.    Went to compile a 64bit program and get a licensing Error -- The use of Extender WWINT is not supported by your current Compiler Maintenance Plan.  Please reney your Compiler Maintenance Plane or remove the WWINT.EXT file.   --  My maintenance is good till July 2015.  Have no issue when compiling under 32bit.   My program doesnt even add this extender.   

Is this an issue with this version of the compiler.


There are no known issues with the 64-bit compiler.  You will always get that error when you have extenders installed on your system that are newer than the version of the compiler you are using. Your do not need to select an extender into a compilation to get the error. Did you allow setup to install 64-bit WinBatch+Compiler as well as the 32-bit version?  Have you entered new licensing information for the 64-bit compiler?

If the answer is yes to both of these question, the best thing to do is to perform a complete uninstall/reinstall of WinBatch.
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