Compiler vanishes

Started by jmburton2001, October 16, 2018, 09:31:16 AM

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Windows 10 Home x64 - Version 1709 - OS Build 16299.371
Winbatch + Compiler 2018B (Happened in 2018A also)

The 32 bit compiler works flawlessly. The 64 bit compiler simply vanishes (no errors, notifications, etc) whenever I click on the "Icon" button to add an icon file.

It's a fairly simple script and uses the Shell Operations extender. This is at the top of the script:


Is there a log file I can look at, or post, that will help?


We can't duplicate the problem and no other user has reported this issue.   The 32-bit and 64-bit compilers are identical (use the same exact code) except for the bitness of the compiler executable and the compiled script output. This suggests that there is something going on that is specific to your environment. The behavior you descript fits with the behavior seen when a dialog window procedure receives a cancel command.  How that cancel command might be being generated and placed in the message queue of the compiler is unknown, however.   You might want to consider deleting the CMP file for the script you are compiling before starting the 64-bit compiler.  It is very unlikely that this will have any beneficial effects but it shouldn't hurt either (other than having to reenter you script info.)  Or you could try installing WinBatch on a different system to see if that makes any difference.

We will watch for any other users reporting a similar problem and please report back if you discover any additional information relating to the problem.     
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Taking the statement at face value and assuming you mean the file itself disappears....look in your Anti-Virus quarantine bin.   It might be there.   If you meant something else I apologize for wasting your time.



Sorry... I meant that the compiler interface just goes away when I press the icon button. If I go through everything on the interface without selecting the icon button, everything compiles as intended and the executable is created.

It's just whenever I try to add an icon set (which works perfectly in the 32 bit compiler) the interface just "POOFS" out of existence.

EDIT: Deleting the cmp file and letting the compiler rebuild it had no effect.

NOTE: Building the cmp file in the 32 bit compiler will allow the addition of icon files and then "flow" into the 64 bit compiler allowing the compile to succeed.