The command "winbatch.exe" could not be executed.

Started by ramiroflores, April 16, 2024, 09:52:52 PM

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I have to deal with some winbatch programming all of a sudden today, and I fire up my Primalscript, start a new Winbatch script, only to get an error when I try to run, debug, etc saying that

The command "winbatch.exe" could not be executed.

"The specified file was not found."

Any ideas? Primalscript not actually support winbatch unless I own winbatch studio and have it installed? I can't imagine that being the issue since Primalscript is advertised as having winbatch support, so there must be something else wrong. Thanks in advance for the help.


I am not familiar with Primalscript but you most certainly need a copy of WinBatch installed on your system to develop WinBatch scripts*. If that were not the case, there would be an intellectual property/copyright problem.

 *Note that you can download a trial version of WinBatch that is usable for about a month.
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