The lowly wmic

Started by spl, May 07, 2024, 10:29:09 AM

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Interesting cmd

C:\wmic product get name,version

might take a bit, but spits out all installed products on a machine in this format
Name                                                                          Version
Python 3.12.3 Core Interpreter (64-bit)                                        3.12.3150.0

Python 3.12.3 Tcl/Tk Support (64-bit)                                          3.12.3150.0

Python 3.12.3 Standard Library (64-bit)                                        3.12.3150.0

WMI Tools                                                                      1.50.1131.0001

Python 3.12.3 pip Bootstrap (64-bit)                                           3.12.3150.0

and, of course you could expand the prompt, i.e. "wmic product get installdate,name,version"
InstallDate  Name                                                                          Version       

20240410    Python 3.12.3 Core Interpreter (64-bit)                                        3.12.3150.0   

20240410    Python 3.12.3 Tcl/Tk Support (64-bit)                                          3.12.3150.0 

Fortunately my StdOut udf I posted earlier can easily remove the blank lines from the sdtout as a one line query. Then adding a bit of WB's Excel magic the stdout can be converted and savd as an attractive Excel file, or probably streamed to Jim's PDF Extender for an attractive PDF. If any interest I can post a WB script for those steps.
Stan - formerly stanl [ex-Pundit]