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Internet Explorer 11 Progress Bar


I've tried to search for some script examples of Winbatch on adding a Progress Bar on IE while the page loads; as the Progress Bar has
been removed by Microsoft as I understand.
Is this possible at all with Winbatch? I didn't want to use 3rd-party plug-ins but wanted to explore this instead through winbatch  - thanks

MSFT removed the progress bar from IE for a reason.  It wasn't all that accurate.    To create one using WinBatch you would have to attach to a running IE process using one of the several techniques demonstrated in  the Tech Database, set up one or more events to respond to a navigation, get the IE status bar window handle with Control Manager, and then add something to it that looks like a progress bar.  Hardly seems worth it.

Can you pls. give an example - some snippets will do if you don't mind? thanks

That is what the Tech Database is for.  There are examples for most of the parts you would need to mash together.   However,  I am not sure that you would succeed in ever obtaining the your desired goal. So given the amount of effort involved and dubiousness of the outcome, you might want to consider a canned plug-in alternative.


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