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Figured it was time for the Annual post to this forum.  Don't want WebBatch to feel left out.

I am trying to access a webservice that is running HTTPS.  It requires a certificate so I set this but it tells me that the certificate was issued by a chain that is not trusted.   The certificate is fine and set for Client Authentication as well.   Any suggestions?  Will this not work with an SSL Certificate?   Any other suggested approaches?   Have spent many hours and many different approaches but so far nothing.  Hoping it is something simple.   I can do what I need with no trouble on the same machine running WinBatch using a variety of methods.  Such as below, Msxml2.XMLHTTP, etc. but when I switch to WebBatch it fails.  Suggestions?


WinHttpReq = objectopen("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")
WinHttpReq.Open("GET", "https://their.web.server/symws/rest/standard/searchCatalog?clientID=MyClient&term1=9781285740621", @false)


message("Debug", WinHttpReq.ResponseText)


Don't have any suggestions.   Here is an old link to a slightly similar problem you had awhile back:

I am sure you have already considered the possible negative impacts of user profile when running a script from a web server thread.

I was hoping someone here had gotten smarter since then since I obviously haven't  :)

I think my main problem is it is running Web Server 2008 (not R2).

Please say more as I am not entirely certain I follow.


Generally, a web server CGI process runs with restrictive standard user permissions.  This depends on the web server being used, of course.  So your WebBatch process may simply not have the correct permissions to access the certificate.    Perhaps try a web search on your certificate method for more info.


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