Lync 2013 and Winbatch dialogs

Started by RorySRut, September 03, 2013, 12:10:16 PM

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With WinBatch 2012c or 2013a, after we install Lync 2013 on the desktop, not a server, and then ran a program that displays a dialog, we get the message '1752: COM: Object does not support events' on the line 'DialogObject(DialogHandle,8,1,"ItemClick",ListView_ItemClick)'  And the dialog does not display.  Any help on what COM object is trying to be used would be great.   Before installing Lync 2013 the program runs fine.  I can reproduce the issue on other machines.  We are running Win7 SP1 x64.


Please add DebugTrace(@on,"trace.txt") to the beginning of the script and inside any UDF, run it until the error or completion, then post the resulting trace file and source .wbt file.
Deana F.
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Fixed. Re-Register mscomctl.ocx.  Version changed from to  And even though the COM information is in the Lync MSI, I had to register the OCX for things to start working.