Can disable dialog, but not re-enable

Started by stevengraff, March 11, 2014, 06:41:39 AM

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When I use:

dialogProcOptions ( Schmandle, 1000, 2)

to disable my dialog... nothing seems capable of waking it back up. As a test I even tried the re-enable command in a subsequent statement like:

         dialogProcOptions ( Schmandle, 1000, 2)
         dialogProcOptions ( Schmandle, 1000, 0)

But once it's disabled, it seems to be completely dead, and I have to kill it with ctrl-Break.

This should work, right? Maybe I'm missing something about how to use it?


 dialogProcOptions ( Schmandle, 1000, 0) should enable the Dialog. I would need to see some code and possibly some debugtrace output, to confirm that line is getting executed.

Simply add DebugTrace(@on,"trace.txt") to the beginning of the script and inside any UDF, run it until you would have expected the dialog to become re-enabled, then inspect the resulting trace file for clues as to the problem.

Feel free to post the trace file here if you need further assistance.
Deana F.
Technical Support
Wilson WindowWare Inc.