Updating a Dialog From Within a For/Next Loop

Started by jtrask, October 06, 2015, 09:33:11 AM

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I removed my previous post because it was crap.  I AM able to switch the source of my Reportview easily enough.

Now I have a dialog with a reportview with a list of things to do.  As each item is processed by my For/Next loop, the array is updated.  How can I get my dialog to reflect the updates to my array as they happen (or close to it)?


Review the ReportView Control topic in the Consolidated WIL Help file.  It has all the request you can use with the DialogControlSet/Get functions.  Since you are executing this loop insides a Dialog user defined callback routine, you will need to disable the dialog, if the loop takes much time to exit.  Otherwise, the system will think your dialog is hung.  A better approach would be to add a timer event to check for event state changes.

It is difficult to add much more without knowing more about what kind and how you are detection your events.
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Thanks.  I'll play around with the timer and see what happens.