*********** WinBatch, WebBatch and WinBatch+Compiler 2016B released ************

Started by td, May 18, 2016, 12:22:18 PM

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We have just released WinBatch, WebBatch and WinBatch+Compiler 2016B.

Customers on an active maintenance plan may download the latest version of the software from the download page.


If you do not have a current maintenance plan and are interested in getting updated, please visit our software maintenance renewal page. You can easily order online.


WB 2016B  May 18, 2016

  DLL 6.16bpb First showing up in WB 2016b

   Added support for dynamic array creation and redimensioning of WIL and COM variant arrays. 
   Arrays are created dynamically by assigning a value to a previously undefined variable using
   brackets and comma separated subscripts array syntax following the new variable's name. 
   Existing arrays can be redimensioned by assigning a value to an array element that is beyond
   the upper bound of an existing dimension or adding a new dimension to the array's comma
   separated subscript list.  Dynamic array assignment is optimized for single dimension arrays.
   Use in redimensioning multi-dimension arrays is significantly slower than initially creating
   an array with the highest required array subscripts.  An existing non WIL array variable
   cannot be converted to an array by using array subscript syntax with the existing non array
   variable's name.  Doing so will result in an "Expression continues past expected end." error. 
   Added support for the BYREF variant type to the ObjectType function. Use the BYREF variant
   type in combination with another type to create a reference to a variant of the indicated
   type. The BYREF type cannot be used alone or in combination with the ARRAY or VECTOR variant
   types. Separate the two types passed to ObjectType with a vertical bar (|) to form a BYREF
   type combination.  The BYREF type can also be used in combination with another type when
   specifying a COM Automation object method parameter's type using the BYREF type combination
   followed by a single colon( : ) and then the expression that evaluates to the parameter's

   Modified the 'ObjectType' function's handling of uninitialized WIL array elements when
   converting a WIL array to a COM variant array (safearray) and no element type is used along
   with the 'ARRAY' variant type.  Previously, the function converted initialized elements to
   to variant type 'ERROR' but it now converts uninitialized elements to the 'EMPTY' variant
   type.  This change prevents 'Type mismatch' errors when assigning values to uninitialized 
   COM variant array elements.

   Fixed a parser defect that caused an error message when a colon( : ) concatenation operator
   immediately followed the end of a multiline text string constant without any intervening
   white space.
   Modified the Setup program to register WinBatch Studio so that it appears as an option in
   Window's File Manager 'Open with...' context menu dialog on Windows 10 systems with no
   previous WinBatch installation.

   Modified WIL interpreter DLL loading and unloading to reduce the possibility of FileMenu
   causing the Explorer shell process to restart on no-reboot-requested installs of WinBatch or
   WinBatch+Compiler over an existing WinBatch or WinBatch+Compiler installation.
   Note that this change only affects the installation of future versions of WinBatch or
   WinBatch+Compiler over this and future version of WinBatch or WinBatch+Compiler and does not
   affect installing this version over older versions of WinBatch or WinBatch+Compiler. Also
   note that a reboot is still recommended after a WinBatch or WinBatch+Compiler installation
   even when the Setup program does not prompt for a reboot.

   Added a third parameter to the "WindowOnTop" function.
      "Retry" - (Optional) Set to a @False (default) or @True value to indicate whether or not
                the function should use the current WIL retry timeout setting when a window
                name is provided in the function's first parameter. Set to @True to have the
                function use the current timeout setting. Set to @False or omit, to have
                the function immediately generate an error when the target window is not found.
                The parameter is ignored when the first parameter is a window id.
                Note that IntControl 46 can be used to change the current retry timeout setting
                (default is 9 seconds.)

   Added support for multiline string to DllStructAlloc's member-descriptor parameter. 
   Note that per multiline string requirements the  member-descriptor's data type and name
   separator colon ( : ) character must be escaped by using a double colon ( :: ) instead of
   the single colon and that a type/name member pair must be on the same line. Multiple pairs
   can be on a single line, however.

   WinBatch Studio
    Fixed several incorrect syntax coloring problems related to multiline string constants.
    Fixed 'Projects' menu's 'Open Project File' menu item not being enabled when a project file
    is selected.
    Corrected a problem that caused the dockable Project Tree toolbar dialog to display without
    the 'Default' workspace name and icon the first time WinBatch Studio was started after a
    clean installation of WinBatch or WinBatch+Compiler.
    The Project Tree toolbar dialog is now toggled on and off solely by the 'Project Tree' menu
    item of the 'View' menu bar menu.  Previously, the 'Restore workspace at startup' option
    blocked display of the Project Tree toolbar at WinBatch Studio startup when the 'Restore
    workspace at startup' option was not checked.
    Modified the 32-bit and 64-bit debuggers to set the debug process's current working
    directory to the location of the script being debugged.  The current working directory is
    restored to its previous setting when the debug session ends.
    Added 'Run' menu item to the context menu of the project toolbar window.  The menu item
    executes a WIL script in a separate WinBatch process.  The 'Run' menu item only displays
    for WIL file type files.
    Added a new 'Debug Parameters...' menu item to the 'Debug' main menu bar dropdown menu. Use
    this menu item to displays a Debug Parameter dialog. The dialog allows you to create,
    remove, move and change WIL script parameters passed to the current WIL script when it is
    executed using the 32 and 64 bit Run, Debug, Step Into, Step Over or Run to Cursor commands.
    Debug parameters are not supplied to WIL scrips executed using the Project Tree toolbar
    dialog's Run context menu.  Debug parameters remain associated with a script for as long as
    the script file is an open document associated with a workspace.  The parameters will remain
    associated with a file in the current workspsce between WinBatch Studio sessions when the
    "Restore workspace at startup" option is selected.  The parameters will also remain
    associated with a file even when the "Restore workspace at startup" is not selected, if the
    file's saved workspace is not the current workspace at session end.

    The Debug Parameters dialog displayed by selecting the 'Debug Parameters...' menu item
    allows you to create, remove, move and change the parameters passed to a WIL script.  The
    dialog displays the list of parameters, one per line, along with a toolbar. The list's
    toolbar buttons and the dialog's buttons perform the following tasks:
       New button           Creates a new parameter.  Enter the parameter value in the edit box
                                     displayed in the toolbar's list and press return or click on the list
                                     outside of the edit box to create the parameter.
       Delete button         Deletes a selected parameter from the list.
       Move up button      Moves a selected parameter toward the top of the parameter list.  This
                                      changes the order in which the parameters are passed to the WIL script.
       Move down button  Moves a selected parameter toward the bottom of the parameter list. 
                                      This changes the order in which the parameters are passed to the WIL
       Clear All                  Removes all parameters associated with the current WIL script.
       OK                          Saves changes and dismisses the dialog.
       Cancel                    Closes the dialog without saving changes.

       Note that it is unnecessary to quote parameter values unless you want quotes to be part
       of the parameter value passed to the WIL script.

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