*********** WinBatch, WebBatch and WinBatch+Compiler 2018B Released ***********

Started by td, May 23, 2018, 10:33:29 AM

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We have just released WinBatch, WebBatch and WinBatch+Compiler 2018B.

Customers with a current license may download the latest version of the software from the download page.


If you do not have a current license and are interested in this and future releases, please visit our software purchase page. You can easily order online.


WB 2018B May 23, 2018

  DLL 6.18brb Additions and changes included in WB 2018B
    Modified the InitWritePvt function to return @True on success and return @False when the
    write fails.  Previously, the function always returned @True.
    Added support for two new "data type" values to IntControl 32.
       "LONG64"   - returns or sets a 64-bit integer value.
       "LONG_PTR" - returns or sets a 32-bit integer value in 32-bit WinBatch
                    and a 64-bit value in 64-bit WinBatch.
    Added support for the new "LONG_PTR" parameter type to the DllCall and DllCallcdec functions.
        "LONG_PTR" - accepts a 32-bit integer when called with 32-bit WinBatch and a 64-bit
                     integer when called with 64-bit WinBatch. (Values may be represented as
                     huge numbers.)
    Modified the BinaryTagInit function to accept an empty string in the start-tag (second)
    parameter. When the start-tag is an empty string, the function treats the beginning of
    the binary buffer as the start of the first tag pair. Any following pairs start just
    after the last found end-tag.
    New Function: 
       BinaryPeek8(i:handle, i:offset)
          BinaryPeek8 returns the 64-bit value as a huge number.
            "handle" - handle to binary buffer.
            "offset" - zero-based offset in the buffer of the first byte of the 64-bit value.

       BinaryPoke8(i:handle, i:offset, s/i:value)
          BinaryPoke8 adds an 8-byte value to a binary buffer starting at "offset".
             "handle" - handle to binary buffer.
             "offset" - zero-based offset in the buffer of the first byte of the 64-bit value.
             "value"  - 8-byte value to insert into the binary buffer at offset. Integer values
                        greater than or less than the maximum or minimum 4-byte signed integer
                        value must be represented by a huge number (digits enclosed in quotes.)

    64-bit WinBatch only: 
       Approximately doubled the maximum allowed number of array elements.
       Increased total string storage capacity by 50% to 375 MB.

       Increased the maximum size of a single binary buffer to 2GB. It is now also possible
       to have multiple binary buffers of up to 2GB allocated at the same time. The total
       memory available for all binary buffers dependents on the maximum memory limit of the
       version of the 64-bit Windows operating system, and the available physical and virtual
       memory of the system executing the script.
       Fixed problem that prevented 64-bit dialogs from loading the Browser and HTML COM servers
       into COMCONTROLs on Windows 10 version 1709 and newer versions of Windows.

       Modified the 64-bit Compiler to work around a defect in a security software product that
       could cause access violations in both compiled WinBatch script and the compiler.

       Four 64-bit extenders required modifications to support expanded memory. Older 64-bit
       versions of these extenders cannot be used with this and future versions of 64-bit
       WinBatch.  The four extenders along with their minimum required version are listed below:

                  64-Bit Extender                  Minimum Version               
               ODBC (wwodb64i.dll)                      44018                     
               Win32 Network (wwwnt64i.dll)             39025                     
               WinInet (wwint64i.dll)                   44088                     
               WinSock (wwwsk64i.dll)                   44007                     

    WinBatch Studio and WinBatch Compiler Lexical Analyzer changes:
       Added function parameter count checking for WIL Extenders, WinBatch Studio, and WinBatch
       Added check for assignment to WIL Extender defined constants.  Note that assignment to
       a WIL Extender constant generates an error even if the extender is not loaded into the
       script being analyzed.
       Modified parsing of the parenthetical operand of the dereference operator (*) to prevent
       incorrect error generation went the Analyzer is parsing valid reference operator syntax.

       Fixed handling of multiple  substitution variables in string literals to prevent
       generation of a "Variable name to long" error when  substitution variable names are not
       over the maximum allowed length.

    WIL Dialog Editor changes:
       The Dialog Editor now loads and parses dialog templates without the assistance of the
       WIL interpreter DLL. Substitution is no longer performed on template string literals and
       the substitution syntax is preserved when embedded in the dialog's title, or a control's
       name and text attributes.
       It is possible to still load templates into the Dialog Editor using the WIL interpreter
       DLL by using one of the two new File menu items:
          Open with WIL                - Loads a template from a file with the assistance of the
                                         WIL interpreter DLL.
          Open from Clipboard with WIL - Loads a template form the clipboard with the assistance
                                         of the WIL interpreter DLL.

       When these two menu options are used, substitution is performed on the dialog templates
       so any substitution syntax will not be preserved when the loaded template is
       saved to the clipboard or a file.

       Note that the File menu's MRU menu items always use the WIL Dialog Editor's new built-in
       template loader/parser.

       Added the ability to scroll the Editor's dialog editing area.  This enables the creation
       of dialogs with dimensions that do not fit on the current system's display.

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