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Started by Deana, August 21, 2013, 02:11:21 PM

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We have just released WinBatch, WebBatch, WinBatch+Compiler 2013C.

Customers on an active maintenance plan may download the latest version of the software from the download page.


If you do not have a current maintenance plan and are interested in getting updated, please visit our software maintenance renewal page. You can easily order online.


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Deana F.
Technical Support
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WB 2013C Aug 21, 2013

DLL 6.13cmc First showing up in WB 2013C
    Fixed string memory leaks in 6.2 WIL Dialogs with a user-defined callback procedures or functions.
    Modified the WinBatch 32 bit and 64 bit compilers to workaround a problem that intermittently prevented the compilers
    from writing options and version information to compiled script executables on Windows 7.

    Modified error handling to reduce the occurrences of the generic CLR "Exception has been thrown..." error in the
    "More Error Info" error display by suppling more specific error information when that information is made available
    by the error's source object instance.

    Fixed memory leak that sometimes occurred when using a 'callback' parameter type with the DllCall function.
  WinBatch Studio Changes

    Made several general reliability and stability fixes to WinBatch Studio's external tool functionality.
    Removed WinBatch Studio's dependence on the Wbml.exe program to start WinBatch scripts as a external process.

    Modified WinBatch Studio's Run command to allow WinBatch scripts with the '.wbt_if' file extension to start from the 
    Run command with medium integrity and restricted access token on Windows 8/8.1/2012. This modification allows the Run
    command to duplicate the security level of WIL scripts with the '.wbt_if' file extension when started directly from
    the Windows shell on Windows 8/2012 and newer versions of the OS. All other WinBatch registered script file extensions
    receive the higher of either the manifest controlled security level associated with the file extension or the current
    security level of WinBatch Studio on Windows 8 and newer. This change does not effect Windows 7/2008 R2 and older as
    the Run command still duplicates the security level the script would receive when started from the Windows desktop shell.

    Fixed a problem that under certain conditions resulted in incorrect WinBatch Studio default registry settings being applied
    when installing WinBatch over an existing installation.
Deana F.
Technical Support
Wilson WindowWare Inc.