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Started by JTaylor, July 17, 2015, 08:07:11 PM

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Could someone remind of the name of the utility one can use for viewing Window/Control Names?   It has mentioned here before and I have even used it more than once but I can't ever remember what it is called when I need to use it.  I can usually find it but having no luck this time around.  I need to make a note somewhere.  Sorry if the query is a bit vague.



I guess you don't just mean WinBatch's own RoboScripter, as I'm sure you would be well aware of that, so I'm guessing you are trying to remember the name Spy++?
There are many alternative utilities that can find this sort of info and interrogate windows and controls... this is a good site for finding alternatives:


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Thanks for the reply.   Inspect.exe was what I trying to find.   Finally ran across it in a post on some forum.   Did download a variation of Spy and discovered I'm trying to work with a SunAwtDialog which appears to be "difficult" to automate.   Anyone have any suggestions on how to manipulate such a dialog.   Roboscripter, Inspect.exe, WinSpy all show no child windows other than the System menu.  Fortunately the script will run on one workstation so may be able to do what is needed with Mouse coordinates and clicking but would like something a bit more sure.



I use Spy++, which comes with all of the Visual C compilers. There is eve a copy in with my Visual Studio 2013 Community edition.
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