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I just purchased and downloaded the Winbatch Interpreter (labelled "Winbatch Scripting Language") for about $69.  I understand the 'compiler' comes with it. (????)

How do I download the compiler (only) now?

Thank You,
R Staudenmaier

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Did you follow the correct link? You purchased WinBatch+Compiler so you need to use the WinBatch+Compiler link. The installation package includes both WinBatch and the compiler as the name implies. You will know when you are in the correct place when you are prompted for your license information.


Well, I successfully downloaded what, I believe, is the interpreter.  Then I was distracted and closed the browser.

When I came back an hour later,  I could not find a link to the compiler without purchasing the product all over again.


Again do not need two separate downloads.  You just need to download WinBatch+Compiler. It's on the download page which can be accessed from this forum's menu and almost every other page with a menu on the WinBatch site. You should have also received a confirmation email message with a link to the download page.

The WinBatch+Compiler download link as copied directly from the aforementioned download page:

Oh, you mean the interpreter and the compiler are in the SAME file?

Is that right?

Well, why didn't you say so? Thanks a bunch!


P.S. Re: Your sig . . .

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