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DLL could not be found or loaded

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From time to time, I get this error message: DLL could not be found or downloaded. The probable cause is that you cannot write to the above directory (f:\Zantar) -- But the program does write to that directory and frequently! It is an external drive where the .exe lives. I dismiss the error message and the program continues to run just fine. The error message is intermittent. 
See attachment.

Any advice on what to do?

The intermittent nature of the problem suggests a hardware, device driver, or OS issue. If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11, MSFT has acknowledged a file copy and save bug that can cause intermittent failures.

[edit] Another cause of the error is that your drive does not have enough disk space.

Is there a way I can trap this error and cause it not to show?  There is plenty of space on the drive. The program continues to run with no issues after I close the error message.

Trapping the error is likely not possible but it depends on where it is happening, and having plenty of space only eliminates one of the previously mentioned possible causes. The reason that the compiled script continues to run is not clear. It could be that the to-be-extracted file is already available to the script or is not used by the script. Again it all depends on the why and where.

Is the program already running?   If you get the DLL message open task manager and see if there is already a copy running.   Sometimes a script will look like it closed but you will find it in the process list.  Usually down in the second section.



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