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How get rid of "Please wait. Winbatch Processing. . ."

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I am getting the "Please wait. Winbatch Processing. . ." message and it is obscuring the entire screen.  :'(
I can't make Windows sit up and beg. I can't even beg Windows to do anything.
How do I get rid of that message?

Geez. I tried to attach a screenshot. A simple .jpg file, but the system here told me it did not pass a security check. Ha!

By default, that message is not "full screen" unless you are making it that way in your script. You could always use WinHide to hide the main WinBatch window. But is your script otherwise working correctly?

Whether maximized or not, how do crush, destroy, remove, delete that obnoxious window that says, "Please wait, Winbatch Processing. . ."  >:( >:(

As previously mentioned...

--- Code: Winbatch ---WinHide("")

Well, well, This does not work.  winhide("")  does not work to hide that "Please wait window."  Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?


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