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How get rid of "Please wait. Winbatch Processing. . ."

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This is part of a very long ongoing "conversion" and I doubt you would get the same result as it has been adapting as mistakes are pointed out. But if you want to try, it was a two-prompt process. The first prompt was "Act as if you are a WinBatch script writer" and the second "Create a WinBatch script to make the WinBatch top-level window be invisible and then visible." I don't think it will happen but if you get the correct result, it means the training is already propagating beyond that one conversation.

I put the question into the little GUI I wrote and got

; Make the WinBatch top-level window invisible
; Make the WinBatch top-level window visible

[EDIT] and the copilot gave

Q: Create a WinBatch script to make the WinBatch top-level window be invisible and then visible
1: # WinBatch Script to Make WinBatch Top-Level Window Invisible and Then Visible               
2: # Make the WinBatch top-level window invisible                                               
3: WinHide("WinBatch")                                                                           
4: # Make the WinBatch top-level window visible                                                 
5: WinShow("WinBatch")       

MSFT likely has a separate model for your PS "Code Pilot" or whatever it is called. I stick to OpenAI's public model with some additional training.  The goal is to eventually create a dedicated WinBatch model but not sure that that will ever happen.

From my limited knowledge I think the difference in my app is the endpoints - where the copilot searches in GitHub.

I did not realize you were using GitHub's copilot. MSFT now has several different "copilot" branded AI models, but the GitHub version is the first and best known. If I remember correctly, you may see some "copilot" assistant on your Windows 11 machine in an upcoming monthly update. It would be in addition to the Bing-aling dingaling search assistant.

Possibly the one impressive feature I have encountered using chatGPT to write WIL scripts is the ability to write accurate code comments. That is something many humans struggle with mightily. 


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