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Believe previous thread hi-jacked enough with chatGPT posts. But I am curious. At work [which has blocked all access to chatGPT endpoints, so my PS script cannot execute]... there is a lot of talk about "training' data and they point out to what is intended as the best OSS

Pretty interesting reading... but now back to the subject. I did put together a simple GUI with 2 radio buttons got (1) GPT  (2) CoPilot... something I was just playing around with ... but the question was brought up about using chat to help with Winbatch [or other code]... a few posts were made about this on the other thread which illustrated that chat understood a little about WB.

So I decided to push it [hoping to get back more specifics about 'training' WB for chat]

so I asked a question based on one of the latest WB features - the map

write winbatch code to create a map for months of the year with numeric value as key

my GPT came back with:

--- Code: ---
monthsMap = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
monthsMap.Add(1, "January")
monthsMap.Add(2, "February")
monthsMap.Add(3, "March")
monthsMap.Add(4, "April")
monthsMap.Add(5, "May")
monthsMap.Add(6, "June")
monthsMap.Add(7, "July")
monthsMap.Add(8, "August")
monthsMap.Add(9, "September")
monthsMap.Add(10, "October")
monthsMap.Add(11, "November")
monthsMap.Add(12, "December")

--- End code ---

and the Copilot [same question]

--- Code: ---
@echo off
rem Create a map for months of the year with numeric value as key
set "months[1]=January"
set "months[2]=February"
set "months[3]=March"
set "months[4]=April"
set "months[5]=May"
set "months[6]=June"
set "months[7]=July"
set "months[8]=August"
set "months[9]=September"
set "months[10]=October"
set "months[11]=November"
set "months[12]=December"
echo %months[1]%
echo %months[2]%
echo %months[3]%
echo %months[4]%
echo %months[5]%
echo %months[6]%
echo %months[7]%
echo %months[8]%
echo %months[9]%
echo %months[10]%
echo %months[11]%
echo %months[12]%

--- End code ---

If you have read this far, I trust you understand this not a negative post. It is just these chat bots harvest known information so maybe a year from now the query would return results that more approximate WB code style. Or, maybe 'training' comes in to short-circuit the time. Just fascinating.

I am still waiting to see if the training* I have done on an ongoing chatGPT "conversion" is pickup by the OpenAI chatGPT model. (I doubt it but one never knows for sure about these things.)  It would be nice because inside the "conversion," chatGPT can write a fair number of respectable WinBatch scripts.

FWIW, OpenAI has training* APIs that allow you to train your own copy of a large language model. Interesting stuff.

* AI buzzology with multiple meanings.

I tried chatting with Dall-E and asked to create an image of a German Shepherd eating a Taco.

I have read some about but have not worked with Dall-E yet. Assuming images do not have restrictive watermarks, I can see where it might come in handy for a Website project.

On the darker side, not everything is sweetness and light:


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