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Postie going to be able to use modern Auth?

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Seems all my scripts using postie that are in O365 are breaking.  microsoft seems to have removed Basic Auth - even if you enable 2FA and use an app password.  Any ideas besides redoing everything to use a GMAIL account?  MS says I need to "use Modern Auth" - any plans to add that into Postie?  (please!)  or I guess -if Im doing something wrong, would appreciate any help.  My settings are always using port 587 and TLS.

There are no plans to add Oauth2 to the Poistie extender. In order to do that you, the scriptwriter, would have to submit a compiled script to MSFT for approval. If you did get approval, you would need to pay MSFT a monthly or yearly fee for the privilege.  ILC LLC gets around the problem by using another email provider for sending script-generated email messages.  It is not very expensive, is not Gmail, and uses several international standards like DMARC on its SMTP servers. Our email sent via this provider has a better rate of acceptance than our email sent using MSFT's cloud-based 365.

Tony, can you suggest some web search terms that are likely to produce a list of such services?

a couple I came up with:
"email provider -google -microsoft" or "alternative to O365"

I think this is a topic of increasing interest.

(I'm using and like it, but have not used their SMTP yet)

Maybe add a term like reviews or ratings to your search phrase.  Look for Email service providers that support the SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols.  If you are using your own domain, you need to have administrative access to your DNS server or DNS service provider account to add supporting records to the domains that you use for sending email messages. Generally, any good email service provider will supply instructions and even create the DNS records you need to add.

Big tech never ceases to amaze when it comes to finding creative ways to extract money from their user base. Whenever reading terms like "modern" and "secure" know what is coming next.

Also neglected to mention that MSFT's Office 365 has its own special protocol for sending email messages. Underneath the hood, it is still SMTP but they require you to use their proprietary cover protocol. This protocol is HTTP based with a little .Net sugar on top.


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