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Is it possible to read joystick keys in Winbatch?

I guess it is possible as long as the "keys" map to standard keyboard keys. Never tried it though.

What are joystick "keys"?  Are you referring to the various button controls that may be present on a joystick, or is this some kind of fancy hybrid joystick device that has an actual keypad on with a couple of keys that look like they are from a numeric keypad or regular full size keyboard?

I was assuming that the device driver for the Joy Stick was generating the equivalent of arrow-key key codes or something like it. Since I vaguely remember that being the case in the last century, that assumption is likely completely wrong.

I would suggest creating a script using WaitForKeyEx() in a while loop and load it with possible keys like the arrow keys and see if it is triggered by any of those.



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