Started by chrislegarth, February 17, 2024, 07:53:14 PM

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I am super new to using SQLite databases and the new SQLite extender.  I'm more familiar with SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio.
SQL Server Management Studio makes it easy to initially create and maintain my SQL Server databases, tables, queries, etc. and then view data in the database.
Not having such a program with SQLite I thought would be a daunting task to create and maintain the database structures and queries as I am a very visual person.

I did find a SQLiteStudio that mostly does what I need.  Having use it for less than a day, the only thing missing is a GUI to create queries.
If anyone else would find such a program useful here is the URL... https://github.com/pawelsalawa/sqlitestudio/releases



What you found is better than the older Sqlite dbBrowser app. If you would like to see an easy way to move Sqlite .db databases into SQL Server [64-bit]... it doesn't use WB but PS with only two lines of processing code... let me know.
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Not familiar with SQLStudio but DB Browser has that feature you mentioned.