Dialog Resizing

Started by JTaylor, June 17, 2024, 04:42:37 PM

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I have spent the last few days completely reworking my Dialog Resizing code and have posted it as a "WBC" file so one could CALL("wbOmniRSZ.wbc") rather than having a bunch of code to maintain.  The source is provided as well, if you to look it over and compile it yourself.  It is under the "RSZ" section under Sample Code.  I have made every effort to keep variables named in a way that it is unlikely you would use the same ones.


There is also a function for creating the needed structure to use for the resizing.   

This is all native WinBatch code.  While it would have been much easier if I had used some of my extenders, I didn't want any dependencies.

See the Help for more information.

Hopefully I didn't miss anything but so many variations to testing things I might have missed something.  Just let me know.