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Got two priview in windows task bar



I got an application i wrote that open a box -BoxesUp(strCoords, @NORMAL) then it load some stuff, close the box - BoxDestroy(1). The It open a dynamic dialog.
From here if i scroll the mouse to the application icon on the windows task bar i get two preview windows. One of the box that was destroyed and the second it the dynamic dialog GUI. How can i make the box preview to disappear?



--- Code: Winbatch ---WinHide("")

That's works.

Now my issue is that i cannot bring it back...
First part, winbatch box as splash screen, second part Dynamic dialog GUI, third part a progress bar (aStatusbar). If i use winhide before second part to hide box, in third part there is no preview in task bar. Since the icon of tool is pin to taskbar while third part running without any preview(window), Pressing it just run the tool again.
I tried winshow before third part but it didn't help...

Any thoughts?


I suspect that we have several terminology problems so exactly what your the issue is isn't completely clear.  WinShow("") will cause the WinBatch red Owl icon (what ever icon you specified for a compiled script) to appear on the taskbar, if it disappeared because of a call to WinHide("").  If you are not seeing it, it likely has something to do with the timing of your call to  aStatusBar relative to WinShow("") or where exactly you are calling the functions relative to the WIL Dialog function.


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