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Hi all!

When I am displaying a jpg or png file in my browser using the url path to the image it is fine. I can open and view a local image file through my browser just fine.

When I attempt to display a local image file veiwing a .web file, I get the typical image encoding. Not the rendered picture.

Is there a way to render the picture? Any suggestions is helpful.

--- Code: ---WebOut( 'Content-type: text/html', 2) ; Output HTML Context type
WebOut( '<html> <head> <title>Display File Attachment Download</title> </head> <body>', 1)
WebOut("Server side image displays fine!<br>",1)
WebOut('<img alt="/webcgi/kb/pix/MyImage.jpg" height="80" SRC="/webcgi/kb/pix/MyImage.jpg" width="80" />',1)
USERNAME = ItemExtract(2,Environment("REMOTE_USER"),"\")
WebOut("Client side image not pretty!<br><br>",1)
--- End code ---

Please review the Stones.web file in the Stones folder of your WebBatch installation.  The script contains an example of how to display an image in HTML output.

Thanks for the quick response. I may not be explaining myself very well.

After saving a jpg or png or even a pdf to my local computer I am then trying to open in the same browser session. When I try your suggestion....

1. The GIF file must be in the current directory. If I am working within the current directory structure, I can simply: WebOut('<img alt="" height="80" SRC="/webcgi/kb/pix/MyImage.jpg"" width="80" />',1.
2. Dumpgif displays the specified .GIF file in a browser. When I try a jpg, I get the error "WebBatch Error: File does not have an extension of '.GIF'".

Do you understand the purpose of WebBatch?  It is a CGI scripting tool and must be executed from a Web server.  To view an image using WebBatch you would need to use a browser to connect to the Website running WebBatch using a URL.  The communication process is handled via the HTTP protocol.  Any client-side file system access is handled by the client software not WebBatch server software.

Thanks for your help.


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