SCCM and WinBatch

Started by Orionbelt, September 12, 2013, 12:56:18 PM

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I have been using WinBatch and absolutly love it.
But there an't any much about SCCM extenders, I know i can integrate wmi to winbatch, but like to see some winbatch extenders...

just a thought.


Thank you for the request. Any specific functionality you require? Please provide details.

Generally we don't duplicate functionality that can be easily accomplished using WMI. We have lots of code sample to work with WMI. Are you familiar with our WMI_Scripter script that can be used to help write WMI code? If not See:!!~WMI_Scripter~!!.txt

Note: We offer a Free WIL SDK that allows you to create your own customized WIL Extenders. See:!!~WIL~SDK~!!+!!WIL~SDK~Description!!.txt
Deana F.
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