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Started by btgrant, April 15, 2015, 01:53:48 PM

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I am using Dynamic Dialogs in many of my projects.  Often I need to display a message to the user, and I use the display function:  Display(3,"This is the Title","This is the message")

The problem I run into is that the display message always shows centered in the primary monitor.  It doesn't matter what monitor the compiled exe is displaying on.

Most of our users have 2 monitors, some have 3 and a few have 4.  Displaying a message 3 monitors away from the program doesn't work very well and makes my projects look unprofessional.

I can control the display location of child Dialog windows, is there any way to control where a display message shows?


Since you are already familiar with WIL dialogs, the most elegant solution might be to  create your own Display function using a WIL dialog box. 
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You have probably sorted this out by now, but I just posted a custom message dialog function in the Script Exchange section that will do what you want... look for "Message Dialog with bells and whistles"

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