Started by JTaylor, January 16, 2017, 11:34:45 AM

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Been thinking about things that would be nice to have in WinBatch and which might be doable before you all turn off the lights, hence a few of my recent posts, so here is another....

Not sure if this is just me but there occasions where it would be VERY nice to know what type of control with which I am working.

A case in point is the Resize/Move code I posted.  I have to refresh controls after the resize/move action because they sometimes don't show up clean but there is no good refresh option for Pictures, PictureButtons or Calendars so I skip those.  For me I used a naming convention that allows me to solve the problem but having a way to check the type would provide a foolproof way that works for everyone.

I have run into this before but can't recall those situations.




Yeah, using a naming convention to determine type worked for me.  It came up while I was doing my tabbed panel thingy.
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