*********** New versions of the Postie and WinInet Extenders released **********

Started by td, September 14, 2016, 09:40:13 AM

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We recently updated the Postie and WinInet Extenders.  If you have a current Maintenance Plan, follow the links to download the latest versions of the extenders.



Version 44050, September 14, 2016

     Fixed bug in base 64 encoding that caused a long user name and password combination
     to be sent as two encoded lines. The IMAP protocol requires that the combined user name
     and password response be on a single base 64 encoded line.



Version 44087 Sept. 14, 2016
  Removed returned total header size limit in the iHttpHeaders function. 

If you like to automate tedious tasks, you can use the VCheck Utility to check, download, and install any and all extender updates: http://files.winbatch.com/wwwftp/wb01/vcheck.zip
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