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Just a quick question ...   Does Winbatch have a way to schedule the running of *.wbt files on a timed, daily basis?  I have searched the forum and I have read what some have attempted to do to get Winbatch routines running on Windows computers using the Windows Scheduler .. .but I would think it might be easier that then ...

It seems silly to reinvent the wheel and the Windows Task Scheduler is not that difficult to use. So the Task Scheduler is likely the best way to run any task on a regular basis on Windows. It is easy to use because there are multiple ways to schedule a task. An incomplete list of ways to use the Task Scheduler includes the  UI applet, the schtasks.exe command-line program, and the "Schedule.Service" COM Automation object. The latter can be used inside a WinBatch script.

I've tried to do a better job than the Windows Task Scheduler and have failed miserably every time.  I just use it now.

td, sorry to be such a problem.   There are 3 elements (see attachment) that can be used to set up the scheduler to run a .wbt file without adding any script to the Winbatch file ... I was just hoping someone who has used it before can give some insight.  Just putting path to the wbt file won't do it.

My goal is to automate no less than 50 tasks that our bookkeeper currently does ..  and using scheduler to take care to see them done outside typical office hours.  So .. this is pretty important to me.


--- Quote from: mjwillyone on August 06, 2021, 08:49:35 am ---Just putting path to the wbt file won't do it.
--- End quote ---

On the machine you're trying to schedule the .wbt files on... Is Winbatch installed and are the .wbt files properly associated? If not, they won't run.

One, among many, ways around that is to compile them (as a Large EXE for Standalone PC's) and then schedule the resulting exe's.


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