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ACL scan on NAS shares

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I am trying to find a way for view the folder permissions of our NAS shares and at least two levels deep.  We are using Active Directory permissions. 

I get an error when using these commands.

comment = wntShareInfo("\\myserver", "NT_software", 0, 1)
ret = wntSecurityGet("\\myserver", "NT_software", 300, 9, 0)

WIL Extender Error: 524 Unable to access specified server. 

How can I check permissions on a NAS file system?

By default, anonymous remote users are entirely denied access to the volume. The ACE for the security principal on whose behalf the request is made must grant  the Read Permissions permission. Garden variety Generic_Read permission omits this permission, since it is not required in order to read data or traverse a directory.

I m having trouble grasping this!   If I am able to RT-Click -> Properties -> Security on the share then there must be a way for a script to do the same thing.  I'm not understanding why I have access t o view Permissions but not with Winbatch.

You didn't indicate which function was giving the error but for one thing, the wntSecurityGet function really likes the full 'UNC specification' in the second parameter as mentioned in the help file.  It is not clear from your example that you are using the full UNC path in parameter two of the function call.

Other thing would be to check the wwwbatch.ini file under the [WWWNT34I] section for any extender related detailed messages.

I was able to find a solution!  This works like a champ!! 

Data1= doscapture ('cmd.exe /c icacls "%SERVER%\%SHARE%"')


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