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Downloaded Beta, trying to install get error [attached jpeg]

Your error message indicates that you were running the "uninstal.exe" and not "setup.exe" and "setup.exe" never calls "uninstall.exe".  So you need to clarify exactly what you were up to. 

Also, this topic would be more appropriate in the Beta board instead of the Customer service board.

I tried the beta's "uninstal.exe" program and it worked as expected.  I did find a problem with one of the "setup.exe" dialog's titles but could not reproduce your error.  We will post a new beta installation to the download page tomorrow. You might want to give it a try.

Neglected to say thanks for trying the beta software in the previous post so thank you for giving it a spin.

Reproduced the problem by attempting to installing the beta from a USB flash drive. A fix will get posted tomorrow.

The beta installation file has been updated with a new setup.exe application. If you download and expand the new file, it will now install from removable media.


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