************ WinBatch+Comiler 2019C Beta release ************

Started by td, November 27, 2019, 09:14:49 AM

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As is our habit from time to time we have released a new beta version of WinBatch+Compiler. We have released WinBatch+Compiler 2019c beta.

Customers with a current license may download the beta version of the software from the download page.  Find beta software in the Alternatives
download list.


If you do not have a current license and are interested in updating WinBatch+Compiler and extenders, please visit our software purchase page. You can easily order online.


WB 2019C Nov 27, 2019 (beta)   

DLL 6.19csc First appearing in WB 2019C

   Switched to DigiCert Authenticode code signing certificate to code-sign executables installed
   by the WinBatch Setup program.

   Fixed problem in the MapKeyExist function that caused the function to sometimes return
   false(0) even though the passed in key existed in the passed in WIL map.
   Add support for two new request numbers to the BinaryCheckSum function representing the SHA1
   and SHA256 hash algorithms. Both requests are available on Windows Vista/2008 and newer
   systems. The new request numbers are:
    3 - SHA1   Function returns a 40 hex character string representation of SHA1 hash of the
               passed in binary buffer. (Requires Vista/2008 or newer.)
    4 - SHA256 Function returns a 64 hex character string representation of SHA256 hash of the
               passed in binary buffer. (Requires Vista/2008 or newer.)

   Added support for the SHA256 algorithm to the FileDigest function. The request is available 
   on Windows Vista/2008 and newer systems. Create a SHA256 hash by specifying "SHA256" in the
   function's algorithm parameter.
    "SHA256" - Returns 64 hex character string with optional formatting that represents the
               SHA256 hash of the passed in file. (Requires Vista/2008 or newer.)
   Added optional "preserve-data" option to the BinaryClipPut function. Use this option to
   prevent the function from clearing all clipboard data formats on the system clipboard before
   adding the contents of the supplied binary buffer to the clipboard. The contents of format
   type indicated by the function's second parameter is replaced with the new contents in the
   binary buffer so any existing data for that format is still not preserved.
    preserve-data - (optional) 1 (@True) to preserve clipboard data or 0 (@False) to clean
                    clipboard before writing binary buffer to the clipboard. Defaults to 0
                    when the parameter is not present.
   New IntControl
    IntControl(100, p1, 0, 0, 0)
     Sets the minimum hash table size for WIL maps. It returns the previous minimum hash size
       p1 - Number indicating minimum hash tables size.

   Added an optional second parameter to WinIdGet function.  Placing the name of a child window
   in the parameter will cause the function to return a winid for the named child window of the
   parent window specified in the functions first parameter.
     partial-child-winname - (optional) Name of child window. When this parameter is an
                              empty string or not supplied at all the function returns the
                              "Window ID" of the parent window whose name appears in the first
    A new function that returns a raw window handle when passed a "Window ID" (pseudo-handle)
    or a "Window ID" when passed a raw window handle.  This function provides interoperability
    between WIL Windows function with calls to the Windows API using DllCall, Control Manager
    functions, and WIL Dialog callback procedures.   
      hwnd-winid -  Either a window handle or a WIL "Window ID".

   Modified the following functions to accept a "Window ID" (pseudo-handle) in the
   partial-child-winname parameter. 

   WinBatch Compiler 64-bit
    Addressed issue with Windows Explorer file dialog cause the compiler to abruptly terminate
    on some computers.     

   WinBatch Studio
    Modified the wCut, wCopy, wCopyLine, wPaste, wCutLine, wCopyAppend, wCutAppend, wCopyMarked,
    and wCutMarked WinBatch Studio commands to shorten the delay between cliboard access attemps.

    Removed the always disabled "Apply" button from the "View" menu's "Toolbars..." item property

    Added a new Display runtime errors in Output window" option to the "File types" tab of the
    "Options" dialog for "WIL" files.  When this option is checked the WinBatch Studio debugger
    displays WIL script errors in the new "Errors" tab of the WinBatch Studio Output window. 
    Clicking on an error in the "Errors" window places the input cursor at the beginning of the
    line in the file that caused the error.  When active this option aids in debugging scripts with
    default WIL error handling disabled.  This option is enabled by default.

    Added new 'Find in Project...' menu item to the Projects main menu.  This menu item displays
    a project search dialog.  Use the dialog to search the files of the currently selected
    Project Tree project. The menu item is enabled when Project Tree window visible and a project
    is selected in the tree.  This menu item can also be found in the context menu of a
    project of the Project Tree window. The context menu displays by left-clicking on the project
    The 'Find in Project' dialog has the following items:
      Find what          Text to find.  Enter new text or select previously searched text from
                         the dropdown.
      Find               This button begins a search of the files of the selected project. The
                         button's text displays the "Stop find" text when you display the dialog
                         during a search. Pressing the button when it is displaying this text
                         halts the current search and the "Stop Find" button text will
                         eventually change back to "Find" after the search is halted.

       Cancel             This button dismisses the dialog without taking and action.
      Match case         Checking this box causes the search to be case sensitive. Otherwise,
                         the search is case-insensitive.
      Regular expression Checking this box causes the search text to be treated as a regular
                         expression.  Note: regular expression support is very limited so use of
                         this search option is not recommended.

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