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Create favorite and/or shortcut from selected directory

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User selects a folder in Windows Explorer. I want to create a script that will make a favorite and/or make a shortcut of the selected folder.

I don't know how to use WinBatch to get the folder information.


Maybe check out the AskDirectory function in the Consolidated WIL Help file. 

Thanks. I'm familiar with this but it's not what I'm looking for.

I would like to use WB to determine what directory the user has already selected in Windows Explorer and then make the directory a favorite or make a shortcut of the directory that I can place into another directory.

You will need to explain a little more clearly what you are attempting to do.  Hopefully, you don't want to add a folder to favorites every time a user selects one in an Explorer window. That could quickly render the Favorites folder useless.  Not to mention making for an unhappy user. So what is going to trigger adding a 'selected' folder to favorites?

A voice command. User selects a folder and issues a command to make it a favorite. (Actually, this would be one command.)


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