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Since I just started a new job where installing a WinBatch compiler is out of the question, I finally got serious about finding a stand-alone program that performs the Clipboard Tricks that we all know and love. In almost no time, I found a worthy replacement that goes the Clipboard Tricks (as written - I know that I could easily add this feature!) one better, by wrapping file names that contains embedded spaces in quotation marks.  The program is Send To Toys, is freeware, and is available from

After several additional days of use, I decided that SendTo Toys wasn't exactly what I wanted, and set off in search of other programs. A short search through the results returned by a new Google query brought me to CopyFileNames, which is an almost exact replacement for the Clipboard Tricks. CopyFileNames is available free for personal use, or as a $10 Pro version, for commercial use, from

There are a couple of differences between CopyFileNames and the Clipboard Tricks.

* Unlike Clipboard Tricks, there is no visual display, so the way to confirm that the copy succeeded is to attempt to paste the list somewhere.
* When you select a list, all file names, including the last, are followed by a newline.
* To get the fully qualified file name, you press the Shift key as you select the copy option from your context menu.
* In addition to files, CopyFileNames works for folders, including the Shift option to get fully qualified names.
* Activating the CTRL key with your selection displays the dialog box shown in the attached PNG image. When you add date and time stamps, you get a TAB delimited list with name, followed by size, then date, in a selection of standard formats.
* If you use the CTRL key to set some options, followed by another copy without activating the CTRL key, the second copy operation ignores the settings, yet they are preserved and offered again the next time you use the CTRL key.Taking everything into account, I think this one wins hands down, especially since it puts the options right onto the main context menu, and works for files and folders.

Don't you think it's strange that in your new job you are not allowed to install WinBatch or write your own compiled exe and use it in this new environment (I presume this is the case) but you are allowed to find random utilities, written by unknown developers, and then install and use them in the same environment?

We would take almost the opposite approach here where I work.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the utilities, but they are an unknown (could be doing anything else behind the scenes/ have issues/bugs etc) whereas a compiled exe that you wrote yourself would be less likely to do anything unwanted. And if it's scripting they are against, well, there is powershell, vb/vba, ie/javascript/com, batch files etc. etc that I bet you could still do there?

For one thing, at the moment, I am experimenting at home, although I have wanted for years to find a worthy substitute.

For another, since we store millions of complete credit card numbers (all 13-36 digits), I may not be able to get either past the front door, because anything installed inside the firewall must pass muster with the external PCI security auditors.


--- Quote from: DAG_P6 on December 14, 2015, 11:19:28 pm ---because anything installed inside the firewall must pass muster with the external PCI security auditors.

--- End quote ---

Ditto for where I work. There is an entire enterprise department that certifies any product used to produce anything that touches corporate data.


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