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Message Dialog with bells and whistles


I needed a message function in a project that I could position and have time-out, and this little beast kind of grew from that...
It's become a bit of a Rube Goldberg Machine, having added several more features to it as I went, but it works well and I now use it in the project it was intend for, and probably will re-use it in future ones.
I know many others could implement something similar (or better and less complicated) themselves, but it just might be what you are looking for, and so I thought I'd offer it here for Christmas!

Just extract the contents of the attached zip to a folder and run the "MsgDlg Example.wbt" file to see it in action.

Merry Christmas.

Really nice!!! These options are relevant and useful. Thanks man!

Nice Christmas present.

Thank You! .

No  worries - thanks guys... and have a happy new year too!


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