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JSON API for querying TVDB and IMDB

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Hi all, I see there is a command set udfGetJSONList and I'm wondering if anybody created a WBT script to use this to query TVDB (and potentially IMDB but I haven't researched that site yet). 

TVDB has the following API controls identified:!/Search/get_search_series_params

I am very experienced with using Winbatch for Windows scripting, and just finished a script that takes an MPEG file of Live TV created by NextPVR (and Emby, which I'm trying out), strips out the commercials and converts to MP4 using comskip and ffmpeg (both freeware versions).  I'm happy to share this code if somebody can help me take the next step and use the TS container's metadata, or straight from filename if needed, to query TVDB and identify the ID to capture showname, season, episode info.

Since JSON is a well defined standard you might want to consider writing your own JSON parsing tool using WIL string functions.  It is the method I prefer over the Tech Database approach.  You can create the simple parser as either API specific or generalized depending on how much time you want to spend on it and your needs.  The REST calls can be handled using either WinBatch's CLR hosting (.Net), the WinInet extender, or the WinBatch COM subsystem using the the COM interfaces accessed via the "winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1" progid.  Generally, COM is the simplest approach but your mileage my vary.

Speaking from experience with REST+JSON and since you are an experience WinBatch user, a home grown script shouldn't take to much time or effort. 

Also, you can easily embed a browser in a dialog and let javascript do most of the heavy lifting and easily extract what you need.


To each his own.

Is there a command reference somewhere?  I am unable to find any documentation on commands, format, syntax, etc.


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