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**************** WinBatch+Comiler 2020C (Beta) release ****************


Yet another new beta version of WinBatch+Compiler. This one is predictably named WinBatch+Compiler 2020c beta.  Some of the changes do not have a great deal of verbiage associated with them but impacts may be more significant than the verbiage suggests. However, the effect on existing scripts is that they may take a bit less time to execute depending on the script's operations.

Customers with a current license may download the beta version of the software from the download page.  Find beta software in the Alternatives
download list.

If you do not have a current license and are interested in updating WinBatch+Compiler and extenders, please visit our software purchase page. You can easily order online.

Release notes:

WB 2020C Dec 24, 2020 (beta)   

 DLL 6.20ctc First appearing in WB 2020C

  Modified the WIL language interpreter's tokenizer to significantly reduce the impact of loaded
  extenders on the overall execution time of a running script.
  Addressed problem with IntControl 99 that under certain conditions caused still loaded
  extender's functions to become inaccessible after unloading one or more extenders.

  Added the optional i/s:options (previous documented as "[reserved]") parameter to the
  "RegOpenKeyEx" function. When the function is passed the value REG_OPTION_OPEN_LINK( 8 ) it
  attempts to open a symbolic link subkey. When option 8 is used the hKey parameter must be
  set to one of the predefined keys @REGMACHINE, @REGCURRENT, @REGUSERS, or @REGCLASSES.

  Add support for a new REG_LINK( 6 ) type to the RegSetEx function. This type is used to specify
  a registry symbolic link target or "real key" associated with the registration database link
  key. When using this type the "handle" parameter must be a registry key handle returned by the
  "RegCreateKeyEx" function using the REG_OPTION_CREATE_LINK( 2 ) option or a handle returned by 
  the "RegOpentKeyEx" function's REG_OPTION_OPEN_LINK( 8 ) option. The subkey-string parameter
  must be set to an empty string(""). The "value" parameter must be set to the complete path to
  the "real key" including one of the root keys @REGMACHINE, @REGCURRENT, @REGUSERS, or
  @REGCLASSES. For example, "@REGMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wilson WindowWare" makes the main WinBatch
  registry key the linked to key. The "view-flag" affects the view of the key path set in the
  value parameter but does not affect the handle passed in the function's first parameter.

  New functions:
    MapKeyFind(m:map, s:key[, i/s:not_found])
     Returns the value associated with a WIL map key.
       map:         a variable containing a WIL map.
       key:         key of a WIL map key/value pair.
       not_found:   (optional)alternate return value when the key is not found. Zero ( 0 ) is
                    the default return value.
    RegCreateKeyEx(i:handle, s:subkey-string, s/i:mode, i:options [,i:view-flag])
     Can be used to create a registration database key link.
     Returns handle to new key with indicted access "mode" and "option".
       handle:        handle to a registration database key
       subkey-string: a registry path to the key to create
       mode:          new key's access mode
       options:       new key's life-time and/or creates a registry symbolic link key.
                      0 - non volatile key
                      1 - volatile key
                      2 - sumbolic link key
       view-flag:     (optional) controls registry 32-bit or 64-bit registry view
    RegDeleteLink(i:handle, s:subkey-string [,i:view-flag])
     Used to delete a registration database link key. Returns 1 if the key is deleted.
       subkey-string: a registry path to the link to delete
       view-flag:     (optionsal) controls registry 32-bit or 64-bit registry view

  WinBatch Studio
   Added a new user-defined procedure(UDP) toolbar to the available default toolbars. The UDP
   toolbar is used to navigate to user-defined functions, subroutines, and commands by selecting
   the name of a UDP from the toolbar's dropdown list. The UDP toolbar can be added or removed
   from the displayed default toolbars by checking or unchecking the UDP checkbox in the list of
   toolbars on the Toolbar tab of the Toolbars dialog box.  The Toolbars dialog box can be
   displayed by selecting the View/Toolbars menu item from the WinBatch Studio main menu bar.
   Added a "Clear selection" menu item to the main menu bar's "Edit" menu. Selecting this menu
   item removes selection highlighting and/or any yellow selection marks for the first column of
   the current document. A yellow selection mark appears when the WIL debugger detects an error
   and halts script execution or when a user-defined procedure is selected from the UDP
   toolbar's dropdown list.   
   Modified the Analyze (Shift+Ctrl+F5) menu command to only check the syntax of the selected
   region of the currently displayed file. If a selection is not present, the syntax checking
   performs checking on the entire file.

   Addressed issue that prevented PopMenu from launch the "ANSI/ASCII Char Chart" menu item
   dialog when logged on to Windows 10 as a standard user.

   Changed the "ANSI/ASCII Char Chart" menu option to use the "www-prod.ini" file located in the
   currently logged on user's "AppData" folder.

   Modified the "ANSI/ASCII Char Chart" menu item dialog to display most extended characters in
   the range of decimal 128 through 160.


--- Quote from: td on December 24, 2020, 08:37:15 am ---
"Customers with a current license may download the beta version of the software from the download page.  Find beta software in the Alternatives
download list."

Okay, I give!  Where is the "Alternatives download list"???  I've looked and looked.  It's certainly not on the Download page.

--- End quote ---

You download the beta from the same site page that you download WinBatch+Compiler by clicking the "Alternatives" button with "2020C beta" displayed in the box above the button.

How do you get to the WinBatch+Compiler download site?.  You proceed to the WinBatch download page and select the link with the text "Click here to download WinBatch+Compiler".

Thanks, your directions worked just fine.

But I submit that it ain't obvious!  Or was that the idea?   ;)

It seems to be obvious enough for most who are inclined to participate in beta tests.


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