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WinBatch Customer Service,

Is there any chance we can get the old Icon files for download that used to come with the software. The owl faces, Astrological Signs, etc.? I'd love that.



You can download an old version of WinBatch from our download site. Just modify the link to fetch an older version. For example:

and extract the ".ico" file. Note that they will have an underscore in the extension so you will need to change it back to ".ico" to use shell file associations. Also, remember that they are low resolution so they may not appear crispt on modern high DPI systems.

I tried downloading 05 and 10 and unzipping them. I'm not seeing any IC_ files.

My error. The files only exist in the old compiler zip files, not in the WinBatch zips file. If you have an active license, go to the compiler download page and select a pre-2018 version of the compiler once you get past the license page.


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