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We recently updated the Postie Extender.  If you have a current Maintenance Plan, follow the link to download the latest version of the extender.

Ver 44051, December 7, 2016

      Fixed bug that caused a password longer than about 55 characters to be sent to an
      SMTP server as multiple lines by the kSendFile or kSendText function.

      Fixed bug that caused some email messages to be marked as read when the brief (h)
      flag was used with the IMAP (4) flag and the kGetMail function.  The bug caused the
      first messages to remain unmarked but all following messages were marked as read. 
      Per the IMAP protocol, messages should not be marked as read when the brief flag is

      Fixed bug in the kGetMail function that caused random data to be written to the
      specified output file when the '4h' flag combination was used in the 'flags' parameter.

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