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Christmas gift
« on: December 19, 2021, 10:14:04 am »
Hello gang,

After years of enjoying the support and camaraderie of WinBatch support forum, I have something that might be worth sharing this Christmas.

First, merry Christmas to you and yours.

Voici a few recently-discovered freeware apps that might put a smile on some faces this Christmas:

1. The Aero Clock - a nearly-transparent, click-throughable, analog clock that sits atop the z-index

2. 3D Photo Cube - a nearly-transparent photo cube with a constantly-changing different photo in each of the six sides as it slowly spins in a corner of your screen

3. Desktop Snow - adds a nice wintry feel to your screen (ideal when set to < 10 flakes)

All from the same author. No, I don't know the guy - just recently discovered them myself and, sitting in front of my dual-monitor rig for 9+ hours every day, I find them eminently useful and thought to share.

A quick (20-sec) video of them in action:
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Re: Christmas gift
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2021, 09:48:07 am »
That's very nice of you. Thanks for sharing the links and Merry Christmas to you.