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WinBatch, WebBatch, and WinBatch+Compiler 2022A are now available for download.

Customers with a current license may download the latest version of the software from the download page. - use the "Click here to download WinBatch+Compiler" link.

If you do not have a current license and are interested in this and future releases, please visit our software purchase page. You can easily order online.

Release notes:

WB 2022A Jan 12, 2022   

 DLL 6.22ava First appearing in WB 2022A

   Added a logical sort style, @LogSort, to WIL Dialog's REPORTVIEW control. Can be used with
   either the @Asort or @Dsort styles. Defaults to @Asort when sort direction style is not
   indicated. A logical sort treats digits embedded in the text and stand-alone digits as
   numbers instead of as code points. Digit sorting applies to both integers and floating-point

   Modified the TimeAdd and TimeSubtract functions to accept and process 64-bit integer
   seconds in the seconds position of the second YMDHMS time parameter. Since YMDHMS date/time
   is limited to four-digit years, the sum of two times cannot exceed Dec. 31, 9999.
   Addressed problem that prevented 64-bit integers variable content from appearing in the result
   string when used in substitution.
   Fixed problem that caused the GetTickCount64 function to incorrectly report tick counts.
   Added level 12 to the WinVersion function. Option 12 causes the function to return the
   "feature version" of the current OS on Windows 10 and newer systems. The function returns an
   empty string on older versions of Windows.
    New function:
     AppProcId(s:program-name [, i:flags [,i:retryies]])
      Returns a tab-delimited list of process-ids for running instances of the named program.
        program-name:  Program name as displayed in the Windows task manager.
        flags:         (optional) 0 for entire system (default) and 1 for current session process
        retries:       Number of times the function tries to find the program. Default is 7 with
                       a half-second delay between each try.

   WinBatch Studio
    Modified the UDP toolbar to display each UDP's parameters in the drop-down list. Also
    replaced the "#Define..." statements with an "F:", "S:" or "C:" to represent the UDP type. 
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