Where can list be found of current tabs (open files) in WBStudio?

Started by cssyphus, May 20, 2024, 05:44:03 PM

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I am running with Tony's idea to monitor use of WB Studio, watch for the current script to be saved, scan the file, and add any new UDF/UDS names to the WIL.clr / WIL.clusr file for instant colorization.

Question: I usually have 10+ tabs open... Is there anywhere I can grab the list of files currently open in WB Studio - the list of tabs?

Related Question: Odd thing I've wondered about for some time... Each time I open WB Studio, the tabs are in a different order. Is there a way to control that and make them open in the order I prefer (or even understand why/how the order changes)?

What I did:

I checked for an INI file in dirHome() and surrounds, but did not find a list of open files...

I scanned the registry and found an MRU list in a couple of places, but not a list of open files...

My results, of course, mean little. I'm the guy who can go to google, type "Biden" and conclude there is no such person.