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I previously posted a solution and version 38 breaks that code so here is an update.  I think this will work with earlier versions as well as I figured out how to make it a bit more flexible and far more least it worked with version 37.   No good way to test earlier stuff though...or maybe there is and I'm just lazy.  In any event, here it is...


Will this work with Firefox?

I'm sure you could take a similar approach but, as it is, No, it will not work.    This steps through the windows/controls in Chrome and looks for a specific name and its value.   Can't say for certain but it probably wouldn't be that hard to adjust to what you need.   Trying to think what tool I used to get the needed info but coming up blank.   If I can remember I'll post again.


Thanks Jim!!!

I cannot figure out what tool I used to get the needed control name info.  Probably isn't hard to find something to do the job.   Sorry :-(



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