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Started by Deana, October 04, 2013, 10:04:11 AM

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Ever want to use a hotkey to auto fill in fields such as your email address. If so check this out:

Use a Hotkey to Send keys to an Active Window:

Code (winbatch) Select
;**      Get Last Active Window from Windows Shortcut
;** Purpose: Get Active Window When Launched from a Shortcut Hotkey Trick
;** Inputs: Must be launched from a windows shortcut.
;** Outputs: Get Last Active Window
;** Requirements:  Requires WinBatch 2011B or newer. Requires the Control Manager extender
;** Revisions:  2013.10.4 Deana Falk
;** NOTES:When you use a desktop shortcut, one of the windows associated with one of the shell's
;** many threads gets the input focus and that will change the z order.  After that, the focus and
;** z order top get passed around to different shell threads depending on what the target of the shortcut does. 
;** This script walks the adjacent and child windows until it finds one that is visible and not a shell window
;** using Control Manger functions. 
If Version( ) < '2011B'
   Pause('Notice', 'Need 2011B or Newer Version of WinBatch')

#DefineFunction WinGetLastActive ()
WS_VISIBLE = 268435456 ;0x10000000L
allwins = WinItemize()
For x = 1 to ItemCount(allwins, @tab)
   title = ItemExtract( x, allwins, @tab )
   hwnd = DllHwnd(title)
   style = cWndInfo( hwnd, 20 )
   If (style & WS_VISIBLE)
      If !(StrLower(title)=="start" || StrLower(title)=="program manager")
         state = WinState( title )
         If state == 2 || state == 3 ; not hidden or iconized.
Return title

activeWin =  WinGetLastActive()
Pause("Debugging - Active Window",activeWin)

SendKeysTo( activeWin, "Hello World" )

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